The story begins in the North East of England in the 18th century, where Teeswater & Durham cattle breeds were being refined using selective breeding techniques by Charles and Robert Colling. This program would go on to give rise to one of the most highly sought after beef cattle breeds anywhere in the world… the Shorthorn.

The culmination of this breeding program was the birth of the bull Comet in 1804, who, in 1810 went on to fetch 1,000 Guineas at the Brafferton sale, breaking all records as the first bull to draw such a price tag.

This bloodline would go on to be a key influencer in the Modern Shorthorn breed that is celebrated for its superb eating qualities.


The Shorthorn breed keeps the oldest breed registry in the world. In 1825 the first registered Shorthorn cattle arrived in Australia, imported by Potter McQueen in Scone, NSW.

By 1890, Shorthorn cattle accounted for 50% of all temperate cattle and nearly all cattle in the difficult Northern climate.

Today’s Shorthorn cattle are noted for their excellent maternal abilities, temperament, growth and meat quality, particularly marbling.

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